Canada IMM 1344
Canada IMM 1344

IMM 1344 Form 2011-2019

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Canada IMM 1344

Music hi thanks for joining me again in this video I'll be discussing some of the new requirements that were implemented for the spousal sponsorship application it got launched in January of 2017 the whole reason why they made a few minor changes is because a lot of clients were getting a little bit annoyed with CIC because processing times for spousal sponsorship hsihu are getting extremely lengthy so because of that Immigration Canada decided to make a few amendments and hopefully expedite the applications so in the past prior to January 2017 applications for inland could take about a year and a half to two years applications overseas like in Islamabad or New Delhi or Manila would take over two years so because clients are getting frustrated because they were not being reunited with their family and they got a lot of complaints CIC decided to make a few tweaks here and there to hopefully expedites thousand applications now with the new requirements as of January 2017 they promise and put that in quotations because you never know what the government that all applications whether it's filed inland or overseas should be finalized within 12-month period now I right now we're in October of 2017 so I cannot tell you if the government of Canada will keep its promise but that's what they're staying so whether we file a spousal application or common-law a conjugal inside or outside they promise that they will take about 12 months some of the few changes that is very important to note with us with an application the spousal application is that they require you to now mandatorily include joint documentation so if you're filing inland I recommend that you include three joint documents could be any documentation could be bank accounts could be financial documents could be property so long as you have three joint documents and if it's outside include one to two joint documentation I know I've heard it from all my clients is is not easy especially if you're doing an overseas application it's very difficult to come up with joint documentation but you really have to try very hard and definitely include it because if you don't your application will get returned the other thing that they're very very finicky about is your passport size photos so when you do the passport size photos make sure you take a ruler and measure the length and the height of the pictures as well as the the length of the face because if you don't and it's if it's not completely accurate by the millimeter they will also return your application I find it is this just from personal experience that if your application is not a hundred and ten percent accurate if you miss a small thing as a postal code on a form or it's your passport photos is you know off by a millimeter or you forgot to you know sign it in blue ink or

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