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Canada immigration eligibility Form: What You Should Know

Entry) The CRS gives information about job candidates. The information is divided into four categories according to the nature of the job. The first section of the CRS — for people who wish to come to Canada for employment — provides the most basic information on which to base your decision to bring a family member to Canada. Note that the CRS cannot determine employment eligibility for most of the job categories. For example, the CRS does not assess candidates' eligibility for work permit/experience track positions, or work permit positions in certain sectors. In these cases, candidates are assessed on a case by case basis. The CRS can assess whether a person is of high enough skill level to become an immigrant and assess their abilities for language ability in particular. CRS has a maximum score of 6, and this score determines the number of points a candidate may receive for completing the survey. Candidates who score above this threshold are given extra points and are generally considered highly skilled. Censuses and other national information sources · Canada's immigration website:  · Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC): Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is a Canadian government agency that oversees the administration of Canada's immigration system. As of September 2016, CIC had 12 immigration offices in Canada. As of June 2018, there were more than 21,300 immigrants under immigration jurisdiction in Canada. · Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC): IRCC is part of IRCC. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRA) governs immigration, which means that IRCC also plays a leading role in managing and integrating immigrants and refugees into the Canadian community. · Canadian Border Services Agency (BSA): This is a branch of the Canadian Border Services Agency. BSA enforces laws under the immigration and refugee protection laws and policies of Canada. Immigrant Visas for High-Skilled Professionals (J-1) Feb 24, 2023 — Results by topic — J-1 visa: skilled immigrants (Express Entry) Feb 23, 2023 — Applications review In Canada, immigrants are required to obtain a temporary resident visa, which lasts between one and ten years. A temporary resident visa may be issued as an in-Canada visa or an out-of-Canada visa. An out-of-Canada visa is valid for up to four years from the date of issue. Visas issued by J-1 visa recipients in Canada may not be extended, modified, or substituted.

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FAQ - Canada immigration eligibility

What is the process to immigrate to Canada?
India is now one of the top source countries for immigration to Canada. Canada has been and will remain a popular destination for immigrants the world over and their immigration system is designed to be welcoming to immigrants. The following are five steps to immigrate for Canada:Step 1: EligibilityFirst, you should check your eligibility criteria either you are eligible or notStep 2: Preparation:Familiarize yourself with the Express Entry portal before you create your Express Entry profile. If you are not applying as a skilled worker, then Express Entry is something you have to work towards. But Express Entry is the only way to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residence (PR).Step 3: Create Your ProfileBe completely truthful when creating your profile. You will need supporting documentation for most of the information you upload to your Express Entry profile.Your CRS will be based on a number of factors, grouped as follows:Core factors for a maximum of 500 points:AgeEducationEnglish / French language proficiencywork experienceSpouse or Common Law partner factors for a maximum of 40 points:EducationLanguage proficiencywork experienceSkill Transferability factors for a maximum of 100 pointsEducation + good language skillsForeign work experience + good language skillsCertificate of qualification+ good language skillsAdditional factors for a maximum of 600 points:Siblings living in CanadaPost-secondary education in CanadaFrench language skillsStep 4: Gather Your DocumentsYou should have all documents at hand as you create your Express Entry profile Due to any discrepancy between the information in your profile and your supporting documents may result in you being considered ineligible to apply. The following is a list of the most common documents you will need:IELTS, CELPIP or TEF official resultsPNP (Provincial Nomination Program) stating you have been nominated by a provincial government (if applicable)A written job offer from a Canadian employer (if you have one)Proof of fundsValid passportsECA reportsMedical CertificatePolice CertificateStep 5: ApplyThe highest-ranked candidates in any pool of Express Entry Candidates will receive an Invitation to Apply for Express Entry. Once you receive your ITA, you will then have 90 days to apply online for Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada. You should have all necessary supporting documents ready to submit with your application for PRIf you are you looking to move/settle down to Canada Fill our free inquiry form: http://bit.ly/2NQbK6t
Is it a good idea to hire a consultant to help me apply to immigrate to Canada?
An immigration consultant or attorney cannot improve your CSR score or speed up your application.If a consultant tells you youu2019re eligible, itu2019s because either youu2019re overlooking an immigration program youu2019d be eligible for or heu2019s lying to you.An immigration consultant or attorney is familiar with the different immigration programs and knows how to fill out the paperwork and online forms.The Express Entry system is designed to be used without an immigration consultant or attorney. I immigrated through Express Entry without one.However, if youu2019re not good with paperwork or arenu2019t totally comfortable with English, you may want to get professional help. Make sure your consultant is authorized.
Is it legal to have an unregistered off-the-grid (no birth certificate) baby in the USA?
I was actually roommates with someone in College whose parents decided to have him u201coff-gridu201d. Let me just say this: Stop even entertaining the idea of having a baby off-grid. It really makes your childu2019s life unnecessarily hard and your kid will forever resent you for putting that pain on them.Iu2019ll get into the details in a moment, but first let me address the question proposed above. Yes, technically speaking it is not a crime to have your baby off-the-grid in the U.S.A. However, a lot of details surrounding the event would be illegal. First of all, any licensed midwife or doctor is required by law to file a birth certificate or they actually risk losing their license and getting a misdemeanor. If you forced them or threatened them to not file the birth certificate that would make you a likely accomplice and would not go over well with the authorities.But letu2019s ignore that for a moment and just assume you know how to birth a child on your own and can do it in your basement without any professional medical physician there to oversee you (which would be the only way you could pull this off). In this case you wouldnu2019t get thrown in jail for failing to get a birth certificate and no crime would have been committed. However you just set up a very difficult life for your child.These are some of the things I was told from by my roommate who didnu2019t have a social security number until he was 20 years old.No, he could not get a (legal) jobQuite literally he didnu2019t qualify to get even a job at McDonalds. If you remember the last job you got no matter how prestigious or demeaning it was, you had to fill out a bunch of paperwork. Most of these forms require you to have a SSN (social security number) to properly fill them out. However the important one is the form labeled I-9. This form is required to be submitted by every employer after hiring a new employee. This form serves only one purpose, to determine that you are eligible to work in the United States. Your child (and my roommate) would not be able to complete this form which every employer must get filled out before starting employment with a new employee. Your child will not be able to get a job because of this.Yes, he can evade paying taxes.Okay, so this sounds like a perk I guess. But my roommate did not have to pay taxes. The government basically didnu2019t know he existed, so they never knew he was not paying. But then again he didnu2019t have a job. So would you rather have a job and pay some taxes or not ever be able to work except under the table for below minimum wage? Given that choice, taxes sound pretty awesome! Keep in mind that this also means your child is not eligible for any tax benefits or credits such as those that students get while going to college.No, You as the parent can not claim him as a dependent on your taxesYouu2019re already dealing with a child, wouldnu2019t it be great to get that child tax credit? Every year you'll basically be paying out of pocket for deciding not to get them a SSN.Yes, he can attend public school through 12th gradeHe would be able to attend school through high school without a social security number.No, he can not attend collegeWhile high school and lower education is okay, your child will never be able to attend collegeYes, he can go to the doctorThe doctor will still see your child and prhim his shots. Howeveru2026No, he will not be covered under your family insurance (or qualify for Medicare/Medicaid)So youu2019ll need to plan on paying for all doctor appointments out of pocket.No, he can not travel abroad (even to Canada)Youu2019d best hope none of your childu2019s friends decide to go to Cancun for spring break. Your child will not be eligible to leave the country or return to the US if he manages to leave (unless he plans to climb Trumpu2019s wall)No, he will not be able to drive a carOkay, well nothing is stopping him from physically driving a car, but he would not be able to get a driveru2019s license and thus, can not LEGALLY drive. Hope he doesnu2019t get pulled over.No, he will not be able to voteOnce old enough he will not be able to register to vote.Yes, he can avoid the draftWell the good news is that like taxes, he can skirt the requirement to join the draft when he turns 18.No, he canu2019t get a loanThis means no credit cards, no car loan, no home, nothing. Iu2019m sure plenty of people will claim these are all evil anyway, but these have powerful impacts on someoneu2019s life. There might be times he needs it. (and when used properly none of these are bad things).No, he will not have a credit scoreThis goes with the above one, but he will not be able to work on this which affects your entire life/future. This also will disqualify him from renting most homes or apartments he is looking at.Basically your child will be treated as an illegal immigrant. Why put them through this when they are entitled to the benefits that the United States provides its citizens? There are people in other countries dying to get what your child is entitled to and you are (considering) denying your child those abilities? It just doesnu2019t make sense.Get them a SSN and if your child decides at 20 that he wants to live off-the-grid than he can burn his Social Security Card and go in the woods and hide from the government. But donu2019t be selfish enough to make that decision for them.My roommate resents his parents for not giving him a SSN. While all his friends in high school were driving, he couldnu2019t. While his friends go to Cancun for spring break, he had golden handcuffs in the U.S. and canu2019t leave. And worst of all he said was that while all his friends were earning money from jobs in high school, he couldnu2019t get a job.The job part was the hardest for him. He couldnu2019t leave the house or move out when he turned 18. He was stuck at home.Him working on getting a social security number was difficult and took him two years. He started when he turned 18 to get one once he realized he couldnu2019t go to college, he couldnu2019t get a job, he couldnu2019t rent an apartment, and thus will never really be able to be independent from his parents. It took two years and then at 20 he was able to get one and start working and going to school.He forever resented his parents. Donu2019t be those parentsu2026
Is the IELTS compulsory for a Canadian PR?
Language proficiency is one the mandatory requirements to immigrate to Canada. Any immigrant who wants to move to Canada has to prove their language proficiency by taking language testing examinations that are recognized by the federal government of Canada. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one the educational institution that is recognized by the Canadian government for candidate to prove their language proficiency in English language. There are two more educational institutions that is recognized by the Canadian government u2023 Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) for English language and Test du2019Evaluation du Francais (TEF) for French language.International English Language Testing System (IELTS) has total four categories :ListeningSpeakingReadingWritingNow, requirement for IELTS depends on under which immigration program candidates have applied. Some of the major immigration program and their IELTS score requirement are as follows:Express Entry Program: It is the most popular immigration program to apply for permanent residence visa. It is a point based program which uses a ranking system u2023 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to ranks the candidates profiles based on points that are awarded to them based on some factors and language proficiency is one of them.In CRS language proficiency totals to 150 points. Now Canada has their benchmark that is Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) that they use to check the candidates language proficiency.IELTS score can be translated to calculate their CLB level in following manner:CLB Level 1:Speaking - 1Reading - 1Writing - 1Listening - 1CLB Level 2:Speaking - 2Reading -1.5Writing - 2Listening - 2CLB Level 3:Speaking - 3Reading - 2.5Writing - 3Listening - 3.5CLB Level 4:Speaking - 4Reading - 3.5Writing - 4Listening - 4.5CLB Level 5:Speaking - 4Reading - 4Writing - 4Listening - 4CLB Level 6:Speaking - 5.5Reading - 5Writing - 5.5Listening - 5.5CLB Level 7:Speaking - 6Reading - 6Writing - 6Listening - 6CLB Level 8:Speaking -6.5Reading - 6.5Writing - 6.5Listening - 7.5CLB Level 9:Speaking - 7Reading - 7Writing - 7Listening - 8CLB Level 10:Speaking - 7.5Reading - 8Writing - 7.5Listening -8.5CLB Level 11:Speaking - 8Reading - 8.5Writing - 8Listening - 9CLB Level 12:Speaking - 9Reading - 9Writing - 9Listening - 9Now, for be eligible to apply under this program candidates needs to have minimum of CLB level 7 meaning they have to score 6 in each bands or module of IELTS examination.Provincial Nomination Program: This program is for provinces/territories that allow them to nominate skilled and capable immigrants to live and work in the province and help in the development of the province. Every province/territory based on their local labor market demand has different requirements.Some of the major provincial nomination program and their IELTS requirements are as follows:Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) u2023 Minimum IELTS score of 6/7 per module or moreNova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program (NS PNP) u2023 Minimum IELTS score 4.5 or moreBritish Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) u2023 Minimum IELTS score 4.5 or moreAlberta Provincial Nominee Program (APNP) u2023 Minimum IELTS score 6 per moduleThere are some provincial nomination programs that are famous for low IELTS score requirements and they are as follows:Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) u2023 Minimum IELTS score of 4.5Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) u2023 Minimum IELTS score of 4.5
For an Indian national living in the US on a work-visa, what are some avenues available to move to Canada?
There are no u201cavenuesu201d. There is only one avenue and that is to apply through the standard Express Entry immigration program. How Express Entry works. You would fall in the Skilled Worker category. Determine your eligibility - Federal skilled workers.You can increase your chances of getting Permanent Resident status by:Getting a job offer. There are software jobs available in BC and Ontario (other places too, just not so many). B.C. tech sector growing so fast itu2019s hard to measure size of industryor, getting a Provincial Nomination from any province. There are additional applications to fill out for Provincial Nomination, but getting a nomination means that the province thinks you will have no difficulty finding a job if you come. You have to live and work in the Province that nominates you.
Which province in Canada has the best scope for mechanical engineers?
Its Ontario!!!u2026if you Map the Manufacturing sector of the Canada..Most of it is situated in the Ontario province. The main reason to it is as this province is very near to the Michigan,USA therefore procurement of the parts will not take much of the time.Apart from this most of the product manufactured in Canada are exported or sold in USA Therefore Location plays a very important role. As Ontario is close to East coast and more close to USA and Detroit(USAu2019s Mechanical HUB) therefore most of the manufacturing industry is situated there. Therefore Ontario has the best scope for Mechanical engineers.Other than Ontario, Quebec seems to be an good option. Most of the aerospace industry is based there. If you are interested in Oil, Mining and Gas then Alberta will fit into your choices.I hope i have answered your Question.
How fast can one get Canadian citizenship after immigrating and becoming a permanent resident?
In these matters I recommend to only consider official information, which is posted on Citizenship and Immigration Canada site [http://www.cic.gc.ca/].Citizenship eligibilityAs it was said here, you must have lived in Canada for at least three years (1,095 days) out of the four years (1,460 days) before you can apply. They pran online Residence Calculator to determine if you have accumulated enough days in Canada.Good news is that time you lived in Canada before becoming PR also counts, discounted by half, i.e. each day you lived in Canada in legal status other than PR counts as half a day.Application ProcessingApplication Processing times tracked by CIC are posted on their website: Processing Times: Grant of Citizenship.Today it takes about 25 months from receipt of the application to final decision. Last time I checked, in 2023. it was 19 months.Obtaining Citizenship Certificate and PassportIf you were granted citizenship, before you can get Canadian passport you need to obtain Proof of Citizenship, request for which currently takes 6 months to fulfil. Processing times: Processing Times: Citizenship Certificate (Proof of Citizenship)Totals:Best case scenario, it will take you 3 years to become eligible to apply for citizenship + 25 months for your application to get processed + 6 month for the final paperwork = 5 years 7 months before you get the blue passport, given you have never leaved the country for the first 3 years, your background is clean, your documents are in order, you timely submitted all the applications and CIC processing times never soared.
How do I find a job In Canada, to get extra points for PR under Express Entry?
You can't find a job in Canada sorry im honest been through all this mark my words CANADA is the land for REFUGEES my friends are in AUSTRALIA as well the situation is same there.You will get PR if you try in CANADA but not in AUSTRALIA.Yes people were successful who came in the early 90's but now its a different situation . Second generation kids are unable to find jobs and they resort to jobs which there parents use to do like labour jobs in factory,construction,Roof maintenance.Only 1% people get successful in Canada and Australia. Local people cant find reputed jobsu00a0 so its impoosible to get job there i personally tried it and lotta my friends are trying . I am IIM A alumni with rich work experience but was not able to find work of good repute like i used to do in india .If u want respect and earn money go to america not Canada or Australiawhich few lucky locals get are desi Indian relatives , friends lie about Canada there are no jobs im saying the truth . Please dont spoil your life India is booming and will boom .Dont come to canada , australia thousands of international students end up very bad here with no jobs , stress etc.I request you to not waste your time money peace and for Job in Canada you gotta have LMIA opinion which is also expensive and after landing you will no the truth about canada. Please dont mind but we punjabis lie about canada i was victim of this my cousin said Canada has jobs that schmuck wasted lotta my crucial years dont repeat this
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