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After a US green card holder files the petition for his wife, how long does it take for her to get into the US?
A spouse of a US Greencard Holder is not considered an immediate category, meaning there is a line for getting the immigration visa.According to the May 2022 Visa Bulletin, the applications currently processed were filed in Nov 2022 (August 2022 for those born in Mexico). Add 6-12 months of bureaucracy on top of that, and you get something around two years.
How much time is needed to get approval for a green card holder’s spouse?
The spouse of a US Legal Permanent Resident falls under the F2A category under the annual numerical quota preference system. Based on that preference category, according to the June 2022 visa bulletin (available on the US Department of State website), applications will be processed for those who applied around August 2022 or before.The date of Aug 2022 is called the priority date. The priority date is based on your country of birth (not citizenship) since green cards have numerical limitations and there are quotas for every country. If there are more applicants from one country, then the demand exceeds supply. This results in "retrogression." Simply, it means there is a backlog. The extent of backlog can be seen by knowing what priority dates are being processed.So, back to the visa bulletin.....Priority dates for all the countries (by birth) is Aug 15, 2022. So is for China, India, and the Philippines. The priority date for Mexico is July 22, 2022. The last four countries are usually listed separately since demand from those countries are much higher than the rest of the world, and therefore the priority dates for those countries are retrogressed worse than the rest of the world.
I am getting married to a US green card holder, how much time it will take to get the spouse visa from Pakistan?
About the same time as for a spouse from almost any other country, which is just roughly one year to get a conditional green card, then two years before the conditions may be removed.Short answer is one year, More exact guesdepends on whether either or both of the couple is in or out of the US.
Why does green card holder's spouse have to wait so long to apply for the green card?
A2A, As per the spouse visa process, if you file for your wife as a green card holder, you will have to wait approximately 2 years for visa availability. If you are eligible for naturalization (have been a lawful permanent resident for 5 years, meet other criteria), you should apply for it now, and then.Another option will we if your wife getting a work permit and advance parole within 2-3 months, as well as her conditional 'green card" within 4-5 months from the date of filing. For this you can immediately file a combined processing petition.Hope this information will we helpful for or if you want to know more click here.
How much time will it take for a spouse’s visa for a green card holder?
It’s less than 2 years.You can regularly check from what date motions are processed.I wrote a little script and parsed all available data from page : Visa BulletinY axis shows difference in number of months between current bulletin and processing motions in category F2A and X axis shows date of bulletin publication.Sorry that legend is cropped, I created those ( just yesterday :) ) in my native language.
How long does it take now in 2022 to get a green card after you married a US green card holder?
Foreign spouses of U.S. green card holders (people with lawful permanent residence) are eligible for immigration under the family second preference category (2A). But, this does not lead to a green card straight away. The process can take several years. (This can be sped up a little of the person that is already a green card holder becomes a US Citizen (which itself may take at least 3–5 years)These visas come under the Family Second Preference Category, and are limited in number every year to around 115,000 - this doesn’t just cover spouses, but also children. Your spouse would need to file an I-130 visa petition. Best case is 5–12 months, worst case is 5–7 years. And it varies depending on which processing centre in the US - the california centre is running at 15 to 19 months wait time for spouses - that is when the paperwork “starts” - Allow several months after that. Oh, and you are expected to wait overseas - if you breach the terms of say, a tourist visa, in order to stay in the US with your spouse, then you will be penalized (possibly totally rejected)If your green card holding spouse progresses to a full US Citizen (which requires 5 years of residency), then you can be bumped up to the head of the queue.
I am getting married to a US green card holder, how much time it will take to get the spouse visa from Bangladesh?
Your spouse as a greencard holder can petition for you and at the current rate it will take about 2 years.They are currently working on cases from July 2015.If your spouse qualifies to be a citizen soon, then the petition can be upgraded to immediate relative of citizen and that should speed it up a bit.
How long after getting my H1B should I wait before asking my employer to file for a green card?
Ah this is a great question!  As someone who has represented both employers and employees in these types of matters, proper timing is key. Think of it as dating. How long after dating someone would it be appropriate to ask them to marry you?  Ask too soon and you might turn them off by being presumptuous. Wait too long and you might lose your chance or they might lose interest. Ultimately, each relationship is different, so the answer is "it depends*," right? Asking your employer to sponsor you for green card can be both daunting and stressful. On the one hand, you want to get started as soon as possible to avoid delays and ensure that you get the green card on time. This is particularly true if you will be in the EB-3 category, or if you are from an impacted country such as mainland China or India.  The sooner you get started, the quicker you will have that green card in hand and your options for future employment, naturalization and the like will open up. It will also give you peace of mind. On the other hand, it is in your employer's best interest to hold off for as long as possible. They want you to stay with them and they want to ensure that you are committed. Employers are acutely aware of the possibility that even after they invest significant time and good money (hello, legal fees!) on you, you may still jump ship and quit as soon as you get that green card.  For this reason, many employers do not even consider beginning the sponsorship process until you are at least half way through your first H-1B. Some push it until the extension (though this is not recommended).My best advice is to evaluate the type of relationship you have with your employer and, if you are comfortable discussing it upfront, do so.  Maybe wait a couple of months to make sure they like you and then bring it up.  Although they cannot force you to stay with the company once you've gotten the green card, you may be able to assure your employer that you are serious about growing within the company and plan to stay for a while. *Mazzeo’s Law: The answer to every strategic question is “It depends.”  Corollary: The trick is knowing what it depends on.
Are the green card wait times getting longer in 2022. even for the spouses of the U.S. citizens?
It has actually been a little bit longer on average but not much. I would say on average, last year 2022. the average time was 10 - 12 months to get a spouse visa. Then, the green card actually comes about 3 - 6 weeks after you enter the US on the spouse visa.What I have been seeing recently in 2022 with the readers of my website and blog is an average of about 11 - 13 months to get a spouse visa in hand. Then, again, the green card actually comes about 3 - 6 weeks after you enter the US on the spouse visa.
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