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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Canada immigration express entry

Instructions and Help about Canada immigration express entry

Hello viewers so today our topic is can I come to Canada without ideas like so actually we'll be focusing on the factor that we want to bypass I'll kiss or we are afraid of appear to the Isles exam right so let's consider what are the ways that you can come to Canada right so number one you can come to Canada as visitor you can come to Canada as an immigrant you can come to Canada as a is two then it can come to Canada as worker right now so if you're coming as a visitor definitely there is no need of ions right so just you are coming you were passing your bears and enjoying them nice weather different if you're coming as a visitor different you're not coming in the winter season you'll be coming in the summer sorry enjoying the Canadian summer right now if you wanna come as a immigrant then what to do definitely you need dials there is no choice right there is no choice if you wanna come as a student yes there is an option like you can come without oils but if you come without oils then only the option you will have that you can enroll only the ESL program which is English second language right but the problem with that is if you are enrolled in ESL program you are not allowed to work outside right so if you don't work outside then how do you survey yourself because it's pretty much true for every one of us especially if the people from third-order country like who are coming to Canada to get a better life who do not have that much world right we're not that much economically sound so how do you survive without a job right so definitely coming to Canada without ions as a student is not a good deal the last not the least option is to come to Canada as a worker which may not recover aisles but problem is there to get the visa as a worker is now almost close to impossible because that involves lmia process so definitely we will try cover that element process in a different video then you'll understand why I'm saying this is close to impossible okay okay now back to our questions again so can I come to Canada with Ardiles so if majority of you the viewers if you're targeting the immigration as a process to come to Canada probably that answer is no not probably it's it's a no listen no now you some of you may ask okay Hulbert is scoring low like coming like you were appearing for the aisles time and again time and again a near scoring in just five five and half that means you're scoring below six six right so is there any possibility honestly yes there is a possibility or there is a way like you can try for saskatchewan yd it.


What is the process to immigrate to Canada?
India is now one of the top source countries for immigration to Canada. Canada has been and will remain a popular destination for immigrants the world over and their immigration system is designed to be welcoming to immigrants. The following are five steps to immigrate for Canada:Step 1: EligibilityFirst, you should check your eligibility criteria either you are eligible or notStep 2: Preparation:Familiarize yourself with the Express Entry portal before you create your Express Entry profile. If you are not applying as a skilled worker, then Express Entry is something you have to work towards. But Express Entry is the only way to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residence (PR).Step 3: Create Your ProfileBe completely truthful when creating your profile. You will need supporting documentation for most of the information you upload to your Express Entry profile.Your CRS will be based on a number of factors, grouped as follows:Core factors for a maximum of 500 points:AgeEducationEnglish / French language proficiencywork experienceSpouse or Common Law partner factors for a maximum of 40 points:EducationLanguage proficiencywork experienceSkill Transferability factors for a maximum of 100 pointsEducation + good language skillsForeign work experience + good language skillsCertificate of qualification+ good language skillsAdditional factors for a maximum of 600 points:Siblings living in CanadaPost-secondary education in CanadaFrench language skillsStep 4: Gather Your DocumentsYou should have all documents at hand as you create your Express Entry profile Due to any discrepancy between the information in your profile and your supporting documents may result in you being considered ineligible to apply. The following is a list of the most common documents you will need:IELTS, CELPIP or TEF official resultsPNP (Provincial Nomination Program) stating you have been nominated by a provincial government (if applicable)A written job offer from a Canadian employer (if you have one)Proof of fundsValid passportsECA reportsMedical CertificatePolice CertificateStep 5: ApplyThe highest-ranked candidates in any pool of Express Entry Candidates will receive an Invitation to Apply for Express Entry. Once you receive your ITA, you will then have 90 days to apply online for Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada. You should have all necessary supporting documents ready to submit with your application for PRIf you are you looking to move/settle down to Canada Fill our free inquiry form: http://bit.ly/2NQbK6t
What steps do I need to take in entering the express entry pool for Canada since I scored 408 in the eligibility assessment?
I am sharing some basic info to start with your canada immigration process.... It's all on the CIC site: Immigrate as a skilled worker through Express EntryBut...Please note that this info does not apply to the Federal Skilled Trades Program1) Determine your eligibility by doing this CIC quiz Do you want to come to Canada as a skilled immigrant?2) Get your language test(s) done. You must get at least CLB 7 in each of the four sections for the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) or Canadian Experience Class (CEC) streams. But getting CLB 10 gives you maximum points for language.How does CLB match back to the language tests? That info is here --Language test equivalency charts3) Get your qualifications assessed by doing an Education Credential Assessment. Details here --Have your education assessed - Skilled immigrants (Express Entry)4) Determine the code that best applies to you on the National Occupation Classification (NOC) listFind your NOC - Canada.caThe occupation must be NOC 0, A, or B for FSW or CEC.5) When you have those in hand you create your express entry profile. Fill out your profile - Skilled immigrants (Express Entry) and may or may not register for the Job Bank (I would suggest to register)) httpww.jobbank.gc.ca/home-eng.do?lang=engYou'll be given points based on your age, education, number of years work experience, and language skills. The points system is detailed here -- Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Criteria - Express EntryYou'll be in a pool with thousands of other applicants Once you are in the pool - Skilled immigrants (Express Entry)Of course, the more points you have the better. The max is 1200, with 600 of those points coming from your ability to snag a PNP and 50 points from a job offer which is very hard to get Labour Market Impact Assessment Hire a temporary worker through the Temporary Foreign Worker ProgramFrom june 6, 2022 onwards, candidates will be awarded with 15 extra points who have canadian siblings (PR/citizens) and 15-30 points for those having French language ability.For CEC applicants, the max is 600 but someone who has no work experience in Canada who is only eligible for FSW can only get up to 520 points.6) Finally, wait for your invitation to apply (ITA). But in the interim you will need to do the following:a) Have your application fee (C$550 each for principal applicant and spouse) and right of permanent resident fee (C$490 each for principal applicant and spouse) readyFee listb) Identify how you will prproof of funds Proof of funds - Skilled immigrants (Express Entry)c) check out what is required for the police certificates How to get a police certificated) find out how long it takes to get a date for the medical exam. Medical exam for permanent residentse) contact previous and current employers about them providing job letters. You must have at least 12 months of full-time, or an equal amount in part-time, skilled work experience. Full-time work means at least 30 hours of paid work per week. Work experience while you were a full-time student does not count.
Is it a good idea to hire a consultant to help me apply to immigrate to Canada?
An immigration consultant or attorney cannot improve your CSR score or speed up your application.If a consultant tells you you’re eligible, it’s because either you’re overlooking an immigration program you’d be eligible for or he’s lying to you.An immigration consultant or attorney is familiar with the different immigration programs and knows how to fill out the paperwork and online forms.The Express Entry system is designed to be used without an immigration consultant or attorney. I immigrated through Express Entry without one.However, if you’re not good with paperwork or aren’t totally comfortable with English, you may want to get professional help. Make sure your consultant is authorized.
For an Indian national living in the US on a work-visa, what are some avenues available to move to Canada?
There are no “avenues”. There is only one avenue and that is to apply through the standard Express Entry immigration program. How Express Entry works. You would fall in the Skilled Worker category. Determine your eligibility - Federal skilled workers.You can increase your chances of getting Permanent Resident status by:Getting a job offer. There are software jobs available in BC and Ontario (other places too, just not so many). B.C. tech sector growing so fast it’s hard to measure size of industryor, getting a Provincial Nomination from any province. There are additional applications to fill out for Provincial Nomination, but getting a nomination means that the province thinks you will have no difficulty finding a job if you come. You have to live and work in the Province that nominates you.
What is the process to get Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for Canada PR from WES?
For everyone asking questions on WES.Steps for WES ECA evaluation for Canada Immigration purpose, important points and some more info.(a lot of info, so going to be a long post)Before you start just check following things:1. Website: World Education Services Canada: International Credential EvaluationPlease please go through the website and make yourself familiar with navigation. You will get most of your answers there. Don't start asking questions before going through information posted on website. Its for your own good to get first hand information before listening to other people.***Always make sure you are on Canada website not USA one. you can see that on top right corner of Website where a flag is listed with country name or in website address with "/ca" listed in address.***2. Degree equivalency toolDegree Equivalency ToolWES has free tool to check equivalency of your degree to Canadian degree. Don't rely completely on this as the final assessment always depends on the actual evaluation but it will give you an idea and a head start. If your degree is not listed there it doesn't mean it wont be equivalent to anything, you will get to know that in real assessment.***If you are not sure after using the tool, if your degree/college will be valid for ECA through WES try to email/ WES to check or ask if anyone had same degree evaluated before. That might help you little bit in the case where your degree/ college is not valid and save you some money, you can check other designated organizations for your ECA then.***3. Required DocumentsRequired Documents - World Education ServicesCheck what documents you need for your evaluation here. If you don't have those in hand just start collecting those. Get your transcripts from your university or any other document listed as per your education.You can also ask your university if they can mail your transcripts directly to WES, you can use "Academic records request form" given on website for this. Check if your University needs their own form filled too for releasing your documents.(do this after you get your WES reference number as you will need that in case you are giving the address of WES to university for mailing your transcripts, In case you are taking your transcripts yourself for mailing, you can get reference number later too).***Make sure your transcripts are valid. Transcripts must show: all subjects taken, grades received for each subject, and for each year you were in the program. Semester wise transcripts are not valid for evaluation. Transcripts should be sealed and signed with a stamp from university.******If your University does not give subject-wise Transcript, Ask if you can get all your mark sheets attested from University, and they will sign and stamp all photocopies and put them in one envelope and seal them with stamp like transcripts. That is mostly called document verification in University.***4. Check how will you pay your fees. Credit card/ Money order/ Western Union or in case any other option listed in instructions. Check it out. Fee is approximately $225-$230(including taxes) in Canadian currency. Rest depends on what additional services you chose for delivery etc. Cheapest courier option is $7.ECA - World Education ServicesNext steps:1. Create a WES account.World Education Services Canada: International Credential EvaluationClick "Apply now", then click on "Canada", Then "ECA application for IRCC" and proceed with further steps.***Make sure you choose ECA application for IRCC not the other option.***Fill up your details in all pages very carefully and correctly.You will have to pra recipient address, give your address there. When you will proceed it will automatically generate "Recipient 2" as IRCC. Don't worry about that one, it is used for electronic delivery of your records to IRCC when you put your WES report number while filling your express entry profile.2. Pay your fees3. Reference number will be generated.(This will be used in all your communications with WES)***Once you submit your profile and reference number is generated you cannot edit your information so do not be in haste, check carefully and then submit.******Your reference number is not ECA report number. You can't use it in Express entry profile. It is only used for communication with WES. When your evaluation is completed and you get your ECA report it will have your ECA number which you will mention in Express Entry application.***4. Read all instructions on what documents to send and at which address.*** Put your reference number on all your transcript envelops(at an empty space, not on the seal or signature or anywhere on flaps) and backside of your degree photocopies. I will suggest using a pencil not a pen for that as sometimes pen ink leaks through paper.******You can put all your documents in one big/ master envelope and send to WES. No need to mail everything separately. Make sure again to put your reference number with WES address on the packet.******Do not send any original document to WES unless asked specifically with instructions that they will return it after evaluation.***5. you can check status of your application by logging in your WES account. It will show once they have received your documents, your evaluation report will take up to 20 days after your documents are received. Be patient.***If you are using tracking with your courier and it shows your documents delivered but WES account doesn't show received don't panic. It takes up to a week for WES to update receiving of documents.***6. Once your evaluation is completed you most probably will receive an email. You can find pdf copy of your report by logging in your WES account.***Check your report that everything is correctly mentioned.******No need to wait for hard copy of your report for Express entry if you have got pdf version in your account. It is same and have your report number on it which you can use for express entry profile.******Your ECA is valid for 5 years.***Note: Do not ask any question if you have not read entire post. If the information is already posted here just check it out. I am no expert but will try to answer any question which I haven't answered here if and only I am sure about that. Will also edit the post and add the point.If I have posted anything wrong feel free to mention and I will edit the post.Good Luck.Cheers.
What are the ways to immigrate to Canada without a job offer?
Hi Yinka,There are a few ways to migrate to Canada without a job offer:Education - if you can afford it, get a Canadian Education, preferably a Graduate (Masters) degree. You'll be given a 1–3 (usually 3) years Post Graduate Work Permit on graduation.Skilled Worker - You can look into Canadian Residency application. Canada is always looking for skilled workers. What skills do you have? Check for skills Canada is looking for to see if you're a good fit.Spousal sponsorship - If you meet a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident as a future partner, they'll sponsor you to migrate to Canada.To the poster, if you have been asked to find a job before immigrating to Canada. Search the Canadian job websites: Workopolis, Monster, Indeed, Jobrapido, etc. for jobs in your field. You have to understand that whoever will employ you has to pran LMIA (Labour Market Assessment) to the Canadian government to prove that there's no other Canadian who can do that job.However, even though eligibility states you need to have a job offer, I'm sure you are approaching it wrong. If you start the application, you should be able to create a job profile & link to the job bank.What matters is that your skills are listed as one of the skills currently needed in Canada. You don't need to have a job to apply. Although if you have a job offer, it'll increase your points, give you a very high score & enable you to be selected from the pool quicker than others.
What will be the future of Canada Immigration (Express Entry) for the next 2 years?
Thanks for A2A.I will not be able to predict the future but Express Entry is one of the most fair permanent residency programs out there. The response is overwhelming. Thousands of immigrants from all over the world are moving there and it is the most legal way to do so. I received my ITA on 22nd February and I will be one of those immigrants to go there.As most immigrants are moving to Toronto or any other suburb in Ontario, the economy is not that strong as it used to be. They also prefer Canadian Experience candidates above the immigrants who have non-Canadian experience. This trend has created a negative impact on the immigrants coming to Canada. Finding jobs will be tough for immigrants in their initial years but they normally take up menial jobs and work their way up to getting their jobs in the field of their expertise.Canada may make stricter rules and set a default cut off to stop lots and lots of immigrants coming to their country in future. It will stay the same for the next year and so as Canada is a huge country geographically and some of the provinces are still developing. Migrating to Saskatchewan, Nova scotia and other maritime provinces will be a good idea.Let’s hope for the best.
How can a plumber relocate to Canada?
You can apply through the Skilled Trades Express Entry stream if you qualify.You can check the requirements here: Determine your eligibility - Skilled tradesCheck your score here: Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool: skilled immigrants (Express Entry)You can fill out your Express Entry profile even if your points seem low. In the past there have special draws for Skilled Trades candidates and the points required can be as low as 199.Before filling out your profile you need to take the IELTS English exam so that you have your results ready at hand.Fill out your profile - Skilled immigrants (Express Entry)I’ve heard the Ottawa is looking for skilled trades, but there should be similar oppotunities all over.
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