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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Canada immigration latest news

Instructions and Help about Canada immigration latest news

Hello prank Canela in this video and just updates at regarding Canadian immigration what happened in the month of December let's talk about first of all the BC on December of seven they have issued invitation to 387 candidate for under their provincial nomination program under the skills category so these will all go to the federal skilled worker class trade class and Canadian experience if we looked at the Express entry bc skilled worker the minimum score was 85 international graduate under Express entry beeps BC was 95 skilled immigration skilled worker 85 skilled immigration international graduate 95 and skilled immigration entry level and semi-skilled was 68 so there were a total of 387 invitations were issued for candidates so they can apply for PNP with the full application and if we look at December 12 the Express Entry draw now they draw the total number of invitations IT is were issued three thousand nine hundred and the minimum score was 445 and there was another draw after that in which the score was thirty-nine hundred well score was 439 sorry and invitations were the same 3900 and there was the that's what I am hoping that there was the last draw for this year so we won't see any more Express Entry draw only few days left for this year again on December 13 we have seen an another invitation issued through British Columbia under the new tech pilot and entrepreneurship invitations so the total of 31 invitations were issued in that in their 29 in demand technology occupation and the Entrepreneurship program for the BC so out of 435 invitation 25 IPAs bar issued for the act new immigration program and the six of those one went to the tech pilot program under those 29 occupations so they also been studying their new pilot program for entrepreneurs with the 50% reduction in the net worth qualification and the investment qualification as now it's two hundred thousand and six hundred thousand respectively for the investment at the network so in there a new pilot program it will be three hundred thousand and one hundred thousand three hundred thousand will be you network and one hundred thousand will be the investment level but we'll be out of the Metro Vancouver area so we'll be starting next year they are saying most probably end of March or April they will be starting it so as we were also looking at Quebec they have given their detail about 2022 program so they have increased the fees for their immigration programs all over Quebec the previous fees if we look at the cubic business immigration investor program fees till the end of this year is fifteen thousand two hundred thirty-five Canadian dollar it will be going up fifteen thousand four hundred and ninety six Canadian for entrepreneur and self-employed program from 1000 $62 to 1080 if we look at the skilled worker program seven hundred and eighty five to seven ninety.

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