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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing green card holder spouse visa processing time

Instructions and Help about green card holder spouse visa processing time

Hi everyone I'm attorney I Hartman today I will be also do question about as a green card holder how can I bring my spouse to the US should I start immigrant visa for the process for her or him to be able to come to the US this is very important a question actually according to regulations every visa applicant should apply for a US visa according to their intent and in your spouse case since she's a wife of a legal permanent resident chesley apply for an immigrant visa however if you file an immigrant visa petition on her behalf which could be F to a category there will be a waiting time waiting period for a visa availability which could be more than a year therefore considering the waiting period for an immigrant visa and your wife's intent of a short visit she might apply for a visitor visa at the US consulate in this instance she needs to be prepared to present proper and very detailed explanation and/or documentation to the conofficer related to her temporary wizard to the United States and during the her visa application should you have any questions regarding the immigrant visa processing feel free to call our office at two one two two four five seven zero seven zero or send us an email to info at aqua low comm email address thank you.


How much processing time does it take for a green card application given for a person who is on student visa F1 or H-1B visa and whose spouse is a green card holder?
How much processing time does it take for a green card application given for a person who is on student visa F1 or H-1B visa and whose spouse is a green card holder? My husband is a permanent resident in the US. Can I apply for a US B2 visa to visit him? I am a green card holder in the USA. I would like to sponsor my husband to the USA. How long will it take? Can green card holders immigrate their parents to the US? Why does the US government allow H-1B visa holders' spouses to work? Is it fair for American citizens? What is it like to have your Green card? What are the changes it bought in your life? How long after you get a green card, do you get citizenship? What are the process to get Naturalization through a k1 visa? How much time will it take for a spouse’s visa for a green card holder?
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