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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can a green card holder marry a non resident

Instructions and Help about Can a green card holder marry a non resident

Good morning good afternoon good night I'm black bright and today's topic is about those people who have got married to an American citizen or a green card holder and who have come to needs in the end of their conditional the fact that it's been conditional has got some conditions to it and they need to reapply for an extension so we have to first take into account that hopefully your marriage to a American citizen or green card holder was not just a stay in the country because if it was you're going to be in hot water because they are not taking this lightly so if assuming that it's a legitimate or what they call a bona fide marriage a marriage in good faith you are going to have to your original green card will be valid I believe for two years and then 90 days before the green card is due to be due to expire you're meant to do a joint petition with your husband or your wife and apply for an extension I believe they give you an extra year and then you have to apply for another five years or whatever it is I don't know the intricacies of it but I do know there's a 90-day timespan and if you go over it there's problems so you need to be on time there are a lot of lawyers trying to exploit the situation now so be careful there are systems in place saying oh you know we can do the forms for you we can complete them and make sure they're sent off but they are not guaranteeing that they're going to be approved so don't fall victim to all these little scams and they'll say they're not scared but it's all in the wording these systems that will complete the form for you especially if you find it hard to complete forms or you find forms intimidating could be tempting to pay ninety five dollars to get one of these companies to fill up the form for you and they'll say oh it's all ready to go off yeah all it is is you know form filling you know supposed to make it easy you you just put stuff in but you can get a friend to help you do that it's not going to guarantee anything so don't fall victim to that if you are feeling vulnerable at this time now we I heard from somebody who works at the airport that lost last week woman who's a green card holder on public assistance it is important she was on public assistance with three children she left the country I don't know she went on vacation I don't know she went on a funeral or what but she went out to the country for about a month and she has not been allowed back in she's been self deported now you can understand that somebody's on public assistance you.

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