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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing canada student dependent visa for spouse

Instructions and Help about canada student dependent visa for spouse

Music Music Music hello today I'm going to discuss with you about the Canadian visa process and here I'm trying to explain how to get the Canadian visa without paying additional money or without having any additional burden in recent past I have seen so many cases such as charging a huge amount from clients some visa agents tried to emphasis that your case is so complicated and you have to pay a huge sometimes if you make a mistake your visa will be banned so in here I'm going to explain how to get student visa student visa with spouse in the correct manner when compared to other visa types student visa process is pretty simple and much straightforward let's talk about the student visa process find out a suitable program it should be an upper-level qualification example if you have a diploma you should apply for a degree if you have a degree you should apply for a postgraduate or a master program further your expected Canadian course should be straightaway linked to your initial qualification however by producing a proper statement of purpose stop you will be able to overcome this matter and will be able to move into another program as well later on I'll explain about the statement of purpose if you apply just after high school this condition is not applicable find the suitable University or College find a university or college which offer your preferred program many people think universities have more recognition than colleges generally it's true universities have a good reputation than colleges and your job finding process it will create a value addition anyhow in your permanent resident process it doesn't make much difference usually colleges tuition fees are lower than the universities complete hilts academic exam required marks will depend on your Institute and selected program find the public funded University or college if you find the private university or college it will create so many problems in your permanent resident visa process due to so many reasons agents try to find the private college or university for their clients because private institutions pay higher commission for visa consultants easy to get an offer letter lesser number of documents and due to very lower course fee it's easy to attract more students therefore as a general practice always consultants try to promote private institutions not only the visa consultant by looking at the course fee most of the time students also select a private institution rather than selecting a public one see in this example also I'm pretty much sure that many students will select the first option I know money is important for everybody including me but don't just focus only on short-term benefits if you plan to settle in Canada don't misunderstand or don't get confused I'm not telling that private institutions are bad according to my view there is nothing wrong with their educational system the problem is if you will plan to apply for.