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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing interview application form

Instructions and Help about interview application form

All right guys what is up here it's gonna be Mickey Mouse assistant head of the interview server today I'm just showing you guys how to make an application because you guys seem to be really confused if this the first thing you're gonna do is your name is white or show you an example and see where's the general alright so here's the general chat you know if your name is white like domain here 8 are your names to be white don't worry about that say everything was white like that and you haven't clicked on the hashtag roll assign are gonna go ahead and do that you're gonna either click xbox or Xbox player ps4 for your ps4 player that's about it Abacha give you a little command touch like this a little Bosch be I don't know I think that's off alright then I'm right then so yeah up see there's the bot right there see a bot will tell you and it's gonna say it's taken away it because already have it so I'm gonna click it and the bot will say you've been given another not mean you're accepted a lot of people think that means you're accepted if you think that you're accepted you're not because I have to do here's is if if you if you think you're accepted you just come over here and you're like oh okay like zipped it but like if your name is still like if your name is blue and you think you've been accepted you're not but if your name is pink then you have been accepted so right here these are accepted to people if your name is pinky I've been accepted how to get accepted in your own rank well then you're gonna go to application link you're gonna go ahead and click on this thing here of course it alright so you're gonna click on the application link it's gonna load blah blah blah blah you're gonna read this you're gonna type in your email address all right you're just square named make sure you put it like this so my just quit it would be whoops Mickey Mouse and my hashtag number is ninety five ten testing it makes you guys put your hashtag number I see a lot of this half the time I don't want this just your hashtag number I want to see your full name alright so if you just give me your your hashtag number I lost they're not gonna know who you are and cuz I'm application manager and I see a lot of this honestly I don't want to just see your hashtag number because I'm not gonna know who you are if you put your hashtag number though and you have your name I will find your name you're hashing number sometimes people just put their name and not their hash tag number I mean that works too because sometimes I find.


What is the general process involved with getting a B-1 visa? Is it necessary to fill out an application form and go through the interview process?
It would depend where you are from. Canadians are visa exempt meaning they just apply for entry at the border otherwise you will have to apply for a visa. You may find reviewing the following article helpful: How to secure a U.S. visitor visa.
Should I mention that I made a mistake on the old DS160 form application while filling out a new form? Is it better not to talk about this mistake except if raised during the visa interview?
You can edit your DS 160 before you go for your finger print verification.But if you feel you are too late to edit the DS160, better do not edit.I made couple of mistakes in DS160 which I recognized after my finger prints.I was in great tense during my visa interview about the mistakes and the visa officer asked me regarding my mistakes and I admitted that I made mistakes honestly and then I answered the questions without hesitation. My visa got approved. I feel DS160 is a kind of form to understand your intention for the visa you apply.I feel you should not worry about the mistakes you did before the interview, if your intentions are clear you should not worry much.Wish you all the best for your interview.
Is it normal to have an interview with a manager asking you questions or sitting in an office by yourself filling out an application form and a 5 page questionnaire form? Is it normal to have an interview with a non-English speaking person?
1. it normal to have an interview with a manager asking you questions?Yes, this is what we call an interview.2. or sitting in an office by yourself filling out an application form and a 5 page questionnaire form?That probably depends on the job position you’re applying for.3. Is it normal to have an interview with a non-English speaking person?Yes, especially in non-English speaking countries.What the hell is your question about? Which Job position/industry and what country are you talking about and in what respect is this related to you? Your questions can not be thoroughly answered unless you give us more details.
What are some top Harvard admissions essays?
When I applied to Harvard Medical School, there were two required essays. One was about why you wanted to pursue a career in medicine, and one was about why you wanted to go to Harvard.I was applying to Harvard Medical School on a dare and was certainly an unconventional applicant, I was only a junior, hadn’t fulfilled all the prerequisites, and was refusing to take the MCATs unless they admitted me first (see my other answers for more details).I finally got around to filling out the application at 4am on the day it was due, after studying all night for two exams and finishing a long problem set.I looked at the first prompt, thought for a few minutes, and then decided that 4am was probably not a good time to decide why I wanted to be a doctor. So I looked through my stack of old papers in my file cabinet, and selected an essay that was about the right length, and that had gotten rave reviews from my professor. The essay was about coaching little league baseball, and made no mention whatsoever of medicine or careers or anything of the sort. I retyped the essay, word for word, into the application form.I then looked at the second essay prompt. By this point it was past 6am, and I didn’t have much time before my first exam of the day. Feeling somewhat punchy by this time, and wired on caffeine, I decided to take the description of what was special about Harvard from the brochure, and re-state it in alliteration: “Harvard’s hallowed halls harken hopeful healers having healthcare hankerings, hungering heavy hardcover handbooks, hastily hidden however, hoping huge homework hordes hatch happy hearts, Harvard hats haphazardly held high …”When I went to my interview (45 minutes late), the Professor interviewing me told me how excited he was to meet me, and told me how my essay had been passed around from committee member to committee member as each tried to figure out the hidden meanings they were certain must be in my little league essay, and he couldn’t wait to find this out. I told him the true story, that I was filling out the application at 4am and didn’t have time to write a new essay, but offered to make up some deep meaning if he’d like me to! He laughed and asked “so, tell me, why do you want to be a doctor?” I told him I really wasn’t sure, but that medicine seemed interesting‡ He was amazed and said that was the first honest answer he’d ever gotten, and that he still wasn’t sure why he wanted to be a doctor, or whether he wanted to be a doctor. The interview ended up lasting over 3 hours, and I ended up with a thick envelope in April!
Is it true that PSUs will stop recruiting through GATE from next year onwards?
Well I dont think PSU will stop recruiting through Gate. It is the most easiest & best way for PSUs to select engineers.They dont have to conduct separate exams. Only for Interviews HR has to manage. It is not an easy task to conduct an exam specially in present day scenario where we get to know so many paper leak news.Also they are getting the best engineers through Gate.The recent DPE (Dept Of Public Enterprise, dept which makes guidelines for PSU) OM which is uploaded on their website. . (screenshot attached below)It may be because of IITs & MHRD consulted DPE to look into this matter (Mtech seats vacant matter because of PSU recruitment during Mtech recruitment). Some of you may be aware of news. Refer this MTech minus PSU distraction.The whole system needs to be re-design. There is no fault of toppers who take admission in IITs as backup. Even i did the same thing. Those who consider this as fault of toppers, i would ask them How do you feel if you get call from only 3 PSUs in EC like streams that too with AIR 45+ and you fail in interview. The sleepless nights, hard work all goes in vain in such condition. Atleast you will be having Mtech, No year waste.I will tell you recent example. Last year one candidate got rank around 1k, he did not get Mtech admission in IITs. After the news of vacant seats in Mtech, he said this all is bcz of toppers, they donot want to take Mtech still they fill application form & appear for Mtech interviews. Only few of toppers are like this who just for the sake of enjoyment in getting IITs tag do this. But majority of toppers are not sure in selection in PSU, so as a backup they fill. Now that aspirant got under 100 rank this year and the strange thing he asked Should i fill Mtech application form as backup or not. Only those people knew who face it.Earlier if you remember there was one more issue of getting diff courses in diff IITs as top rankers fill many courses to select best among them which results in other rankers out of context and after counselling seats remain vacant. But that issue resolved by introducing COAPS last year.Similarly in future there should be new system for PSUs also to recruit through Gate. This is possible only when group of PSUs decide together to solve this. Not recruiting through Gate is not the solution of this problem.What could be the solution?IITs concern is this PSUs result should be out before Mtech application form filling. Now gate results are declared in March end & within week IITs application form get start. It is not easy for PSU to first shortlist candidates on basis of Gate score, take interviews and publish results all within one & half month. Even IITs could not delay the admission process as new session has to be start by July end and it takes much time in so many counselling.One possible solution which i think if Gate exam conducted in November/December month. Then PSUs will have sufficient time to conduct their interviews. By this those candidates who got PSU will not fill Mtech application form & thus less probability of seats getting vacant. Also PSUs should release application form only after Gate result & that too with nominal fee. As the application forms are free, Nothing to loose, almost all people fill form. But they wont appear in interview. This affects other rankers as they do not get interview call bcz top rankers are shortlisted already for interview.This is only my opinion. Other solutions are welcome.Regards,
How do I become a Google student ambassador in India?
This years procedure for becoming a Google Student Ambasssador was different from last year. So by making an assumption that Google does not change its procedure in 2021. this is how one can be a Google Student Ambassador.Your institution's name should be there in the list of institutes created by Google. This year Google prepared a list of 500 institutes whose students were eligible for applying for GSA program. Still it is not clear on what basis this list is created and I don't think there is anything that one can do if your institute is not there in that list. Here is the list for this GSA 2021. Institutions List_GSA ProgramYou need to refered to GSA program by the mentioned referrer. In each selected institution Google selects a person as a referrer whose job is to identify 5 students from the institute and refer their names and email-ids to Google. So therefore you need to find the referrer from your institute and ask him/her to refer you for the program.Fill the application form from Google. Using the details sent by the referrer, people from Google (Googlers) will conatact you and send you a mail with an application form and other details. Now here is the most important task you need to fill out that application form in such a way that Google cannot neglect you. Make your application stand apart from other applications. Now 2 students from each institute be selected for the next round.Clear the interview round. The 2 shortlisted students from each institute will again be contacted by a Googler who will be taking your interview. They will ask you to fix a date on which you will be comfortable in coducting the phone interview.Cross your fingers and wait for the result. After all this process each applicant is reviewed carefully based on his/her application and interview. It is not fixed that a GSA will be selected from each institute. It totally depends on the applicant. In some cases two GSAs are also selected from an institute.After this the selected GSAs are invited to attend a summit (most probably in Goa) so that they can be trained for this program and educated about the same.
How do I apply for a Google India internship? Is it allowed to code in Python in the interview process?
Submitting your applicationWe only accept applications online. Once you've found the job posting or internship that you’re interested in, follow these steps:After clicking “Apply Now,” fill out the required fields on the application form. If you're logged in with Google+, some fields may already be filled out. Make sure to upload and attach your resume as a PDF.To submit a cover letter, paste the text into the appropriate response field.Upload and attach your transcript (we’ll take it in whatever format you’ve got).If you’re applying in the U.S., you have the option to fill out some information about gender, race and ethnicity that can help us comply with federal labor guidelines.Click submit, and do the “I just finished my application” dance. Don’t worry, nobody’s watching.What to expect nextYour resume and transcript will be reviewed by our staffing team. If you’re a good fit for a role, somebody will reach out to you.If you move forward in the hiring process, you’ll participate in a series of interviews to assess your skills - some may be over the phone or on Google+ Hangouts, and others in person. If you’re applying to a technical role, you’ll need to demonstrate your technical abilities. A couple of protips: get used to coding on a whiteboard, in Google Docs, and be comfortable talking about coding over the phone. A recruiter will work with you to answer any questions you have and help with scheduling****************Specifically in interview purpose they want to know the algorithm and analytics skills , they may be asked for three programming language c++,java, python , if you are experts in python that's good & you have to looked up your algorithm and skills which is more important , actually I didn't apply but I gained it from someone ,Thank you !!!!!!
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