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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing employment application california 2019-2021

Instructions and Help about employment application california 2019-2021

I felt like it was a little bit overwhelming he felt like a small fish in a big pond that pond or like the state jobs pool yeah I always felt a little bit like I was just sort of in the system Kevin decima was one of thousands of job hunters vying for one of the most sought-after jobs a state job but fierce competition turned furiously confusing when he tried navigating the state's old jobsite the government websites tend to ask for a lot of unnecessary information not anymore the state jobs website has a shiny new look and promises to get your foot in the door faster just visit Cal career the sign lets you set up notifications store application templates monitor the status of a submitted application and for convenience you can take most of the required state exams right here online easy right think again of the close to 4,000 job openings half will go to current state employees eligible for promotions so how do you break in it's not just website skills you need its strategy sign your name and come on in and take a seat meet Michelle Allen former state worker now state jobs guru she teaches a three-hour class on how to get a state job first and foremost you have to know which exams you're eligible to sit for the titles once you know that you take all of them that's the key she says cast the widest net possible how many job openings can you apply for you can apply for as many as you want as long as you're on the list yes there is a magic list how do you get on it follow Michelle's formula take a test each department has its own test pass it 70% or higher is passing and keep applying because apparently the job security is hard to beat 30 days in when you start working for the state you get health care and it's phenomenal you can hardly beat it anywhere in the private sector over in downtown Sacramento Kevin likes the sound of a new State job site so I do graphic design so he's suddenly ready to reapply it's a full-time job to look for work so you.