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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Canada student spouse visa requirement 2019-2022

Instructions and Help about Canada student spouse visa requirement 2019-2022

Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to another episode right here on V city today we're gonna be talking about reasons why your study visa might have been refused or might get refused or rejected we're also gonna discuss some tips here and there to see how we can help you to you know prepare and not get rejected or refused so let's quickly go Stu let's get straight to it okay first of all my name is Peter and I know I've not posted in about a week or something so we're getting back on it so let's start first the visa refusal letter usually does not tell you the whole story so a lot of people email me saying oh look he gave me this letter and the truth is those letters don't usually tell you everything so ideally to get the actual case notes from your pro from your officer who processed your application you would need to order that and if you guys want to know about that feel free to email me and maybe we can make another video on that but typically if you get that letter it will tell you the areas of your application which were strong and those which were weak because sometimes a lot of the times actually it's way more than just what they stated on the paper the thing about it is that the process can be lengthy can get complicated as well now a lot of people get problems because they say they have no travel history I know it's like I don't have travel history but if you don't give me a visa how will I get travel history you know it's like this dichotomy or rather a pattern paradox where it's like oh do you have any double experience and you say no but then you need JA a job to actually have a job job experience anyway the thing is there's no legal requirement for you to have a history of international travel to be admitted to Canada but if the visa officer could see that there was a problem with your lack of travel history then this means that the rest of the application probably was just not strong enough so there's anything you can do to improve that section showing theis your home country such as your family or pre-purchased airline tickets back home proof of finances etc that could really really really help you now if you think about building up an international if you think about building up your international travel history then getting a Schengen visa or a USA visa would be ideal because you know almost any international travel is better than no travel at all and that was said by Eugene now if you want to go into tips when you're applying for a Canadian visa you need to satisfy your officer okay so these are some things that you need to consider because these are the.


Is the IELTS band requirement for Canada going to increase in 2022 for a student visa?
First of all you need to understand that Canada has been one of the most preferred destination for immigration especially in recent times. Hence number of potential students or immigrants is increasing. Of late the competition has increased manifold. So,it may happen that the Canadian universities will increase the IELTS cutoff.Having assumed that, let me tell you when you are preparing for an exam you prepare to nail it. So your preparation should be on the highest level and your aim should be to score a higher overall band score above 7 at least. This keeps you at a very safe side.You may think is it feasible to score IELTS overall band score above 7? Yes it is and is very easy. Just aim higher , be calm, focused and a higher band score is on your way !!For preparation resource and how to ace IELTS please follow my below answer link-Kaushik Bhattacharjee's answer to How do I get 7.5 in IELTS in one month?Hope this helps. Cheers!! For any further information please feel free to reach out to me.-Kush..
How much funds are required for a student visa with a spouse and 2 kids to bring to Canada?
Enough to support your wife and kids, pay your tuition and all living costs including rent, bills, food, activities, kids school costs if they are old enough etc etc. Only you know how much this would be depending on your lifestyle.Donu2019t rely on getting work. This may be harder than you think.
How many days will it take to get a student visa for Canada for 2018?
It will take 7u20138 weeks for student visa for Canada. You can take more information about student visa in official website : http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/inf...
Is it true that IELTS band requirements for student visa of Canada (SPP category) is going to increase in February 2022 for the September 2022 intake?
Proposed changes in Canada spp program :Changes in student visa for CANADACanada is planning to replace SPP with Study Direct Stream (SDS), in all four markets (India, China, Vietnam and the Philippines), will replace all existing facilitative programs (as of Feb 01) and will be available to international students who meet the following criteria:u2022 Intend to study at a DLI,u2022 PrIELTS results with a score of 6.0 for all sub-bands in listening, reading, writing and speaking or Canadian High School diploma from a recognized Canadian-curriculum high school outside of Canada,u2022 Pra Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $10,000 as proof of ability to self-support, andu2022 Prproof of tuition payment for the first year.
Can I join my spouse on a student visa in Canada?
It depends, as there are qualifications.Here are links to the government information covering spouses.Can my spouse or common-law partner and dependent children come with me to Canada?Help your spouse or common-law partner work in CanadaStudying
Can my spouse apply for a temporary resident visa to accompany me when I am on a student visa to a graduate school in Canada?
Yes one can apply for student visa and dependent visa together. However one needs to show the funds and relationship proof. There may be difference in processing time between getting oneu2019s study permit and Spouse dependent visa. So it is advised that three months post admission at a university in Canada that one applies for a dependent visa. Canadau2019s immigration policies are not that strict and the government gives freedom to those people who wish to bring their family along during their studies either for a short or long term. In comparison to countries who grant a dependent visa only to legally married couple, Canada allows it for common-law partners as well.And in addition spouses or common-law partners can apply for open work permit and study or work full time either on campus or off campus. Further dependent visa can be applied either from oneu2019s home country or from Canada. All these are attributed to the fact that Canada gives a lot of importance to family reunification which is the second largest category of Canadian immigration. Even if one intends to study only for a couple of years in Canada, one needs to leave their family behind and immigration Canada recognizes the pain involved in separation be it for a short time frame or a long time frame.Thus it has allowed international students to bring their families with them when they come to Canada for study. Also the Canadian government has further made it possible for spouses accompanying their partner on study permit to be eligible for an open work permit so that while their partners are busy studying, they can work either full or part time for any employer in Canada without needing a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Further if the student on study permit is granted a post-graduate work permit after completion of their studies then it becomes necessary for the spouse to renew their open work permit for the duration of their partners post-graduate work permit too.
What are the requirements for the eligibility of a spouse visa to migrate to Canada together with his/her partner on a student visa?
For temporary residents, such as students, each member of the studentu2019s family must apply for his or her own visa including minor children.You will need to demonstrate proof of relationship, adequate funds to support the family in Canada for the duration of the studentu2019s studies, and strong ties to your home country that would convince a conofficial that you are more likely than not to return home at the end of your studies.This last part will be troublesome in that bringing your family to Canada for a temporary stay of a length necessary for someone to obtain a bacheloru2019s degree may be viewed as seeking to u2018backdooru2022 immigrate to Canada permanently and possibly result in refusal of the application(s).You may find it easier for the student to come to Canada by themselves and complete their studies. Once a degree is in hand, one could look at the Express Entry program as a way to bring the family to Canada as permanent residents.In this situation, you would be well advised to seek out the services of a migration expert who could better assist you.Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and this answer should not be construed as legal advice. If you need legal advice, seek out a competent attorney.
How could I apply for a student visa for Canada together with my spouse?
Your spouse can apply for the Canada spouse visa while you are applying for the student visa for Canada. The Canada spouse visa category includes the spousal sponsorship Canada and the spouse dependent work permit for Canada. Your spouse can get a spouse immigration visa for Canada under the spouse sponsorship category.Your spouse can also apply for the spouse work permit for Canada from India, so as to begin working in Canada for full time under any employer. In short, there are many ways for you and your spouse to be together in Canada while you own a Canada student visa. Spouse visa for Canada opens many opportunities for you and your spouse.In order to understand all the facets of Canadian spouse visa, you can seek help from a Canada spouse visa consultant in Vadodara! There is this one expert consultant for Canadian spouse visa in Vadodara with the name Canadaspousevisa.ca, which is basically an online portal. Here, clients like you can get in touch with trained professionals and avail certain spouse visa services for Canada.This Canada spouse visa consultant in Vadodara would be genuinely a reliable option for you when it comes to applying for the Canada spouse visa. Whether you wish to apply for spouse immigration visa or the spouse work permit for Canada from India, Canadaspousevisa.ca can help you do that quite conveniently and efficiently!Visit www.canadaspousevisa.ca or send an email to info@canadaspousevisa.ca for further details.
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