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Inland spousal sponsorship 2023 Form: What You Should Know

Ca If you're a single applicant, they are responsible for: (MM 5669) — Canada.

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FAQ - Inland spousal sponsorship 2023

What time period must I have to stay within Canada after submitting my spousal sponsorship application in Canada?
Sponsorship? As in you are the Canadian and your spouse is trying to immigrate? I'll assume that you're the foreigner.Did you apply inland or Outland?If you are the foreigner and you applied inland, you are not supposed to leave until the application has been decided. Exceptions can be made for emergencies.It really depends on your general admissibility to Canada in the first place. The reason that you're not supposed to leave is because Depending on your circumstances, leaving the country could cancel your status as a temporary resident, which would negatively affect your application while making it difficult to enter the country again.If for whatever reason you are denied entry to Canada when you return, your application will be considered abandoned and cancelled.If you're a foreigner with PR and are sponsoring your spouse, This could also affect your spouse's application.
How long does it take for one to have a Canadian visa after getting the CSQ for outland spousal sponsorship Canada?
Hi,Well, Quebec has its own Canadian Immigration process and eligibility requirements to invite potential migrants. It is the province of Canada but their way of processing the applications is entirely different. However, the general Canada Spousal Sponsorship PR processing time is approximately 12 months. The Canadian Government wants to see the genuineness and sustainability of your relationship.The Canada Spousal Sponsorship processing time depends upon application to application and other relatable factors like:Total number of visa application received by the immigration department.Total number of available places in the spousal sponsorship category.Place of filing a visa application form.Documents kit submission.Any other documents raised by the immigration department .The spousal sponsorship Canada is a part of Canada's Family Sponsorship Program that lets a potential migrant settle in Canada with their family on a permanent basis. In a similar way, Quebec has its own Canada Spousal Sponsorship Program as well.This program allows partner/spouse/conjugal of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to come and settle in the country to live with their partner on a permanent basis.Outland Spousal Sponsorship is a program where the application is processed outside of Canada. To apply for the same you must meet the following requirements:Age must be above 18 years at the time of visa lodgementYou must be either a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident holderYou must have sufficient fundsYou must not have sponsored your partner for the past 5 yearsIf you have a query related to Canada Spousal Sponsorship application it is suggested to connect with visa and immigration experts of Aptech Global. Fill the Canada Immigration Assessment Form and wait for a callback from one of the visa and immigration experts.
If a Canadian PR from India gets married outside Canada, how can spouse move to Canada sooner until spousal sponsorship gets completed in year or so?
Hi,Canada Tourist Visa is your best option to come in Canada as it is has validity for 10 years and one can stay in Canada for a maximum of 6 months in one visit. Additionally, you can get Canada Tourist visa within 20 days or less as well.After staying for up to 6 months in Canada, a visitor has to come back to his/her home country for some time and then can later go to Canada again. Till the time the person visits Canada, he/she will have his/her PR in the next six months gap.Canada tourist visa is a temporary Canadian immigration option that allows tourist to visit Canada for the purpose of leisure and tourism. There are two types of Canada tourist visa- one is single entry and other is multiple entry. Both these visas are valid for a fixed tenure and cannot be used after they expire.In your case it is suggested that you apply for multiple entry and only then you will be able to come and leave Canada in 6 months interval time without having to reapply each time. The multiple entry visas are valid for up to 10 years, or one month before the visa holder passport expires, whichever is less.On the other hand, a single entry visa allows you to enter Canada just once and after the validity gets over, the visa holder needs a new visa to enter Canada again.You may fill the free assessment form to evaluate your chances to apply for Canada Tourist visa. Additionally, to know the eligibility requirements and process to apply for Canada Tourist visa, it is suggested that you contact highly experienced visa experts of Aptech Global at 7503832132.Aptech Global has successfully got the Canada tourist visa for its clients within one day as well! Read the review to believe!
How long does it take for Canadian immigration to contact you after submitting a medical for spousal sponsorship?
You wonu2019t be contacted until the application is assessed by an officer which could take anywhere from 1 month to 6 months or more depending on the queue.
How long does the Canadian embassy take to respond after conducting a medical for spousal sponsorship?
Processing time for Outland Applications (If spouse resides in India and processing from India) takes 1 year and In-land applications (If spouse resides in Canada) might take less than 1 year.Source: Apply to sponsor spouse in Canada today
Our spousal sponsorship got rejected, we appealed, turns out it'll take more than a year for a response. We just recently decided to withdraw and reapply. Does reapplying help and how long until it gets approved?
After withdrawing your case, you should order CAIPS notes before re-applying for spousal sponsorship to Canada. CAIPS is an internal system used by IRCC to keep a record of the visa applications processed by the visa officers. The applications are kept as a record in the form of electronic notes or CAIPS notes. The notes help applicants know the reasons of their Canada spouse visa refusal or any kind of visa rejection faced by them. The notes also prsecondary information such as the areas where the application was considered weak as well as the visa officeru2019s remarks.Hence, you can make your spousal sponsorship application stronger as you know your Canada spouse visa refusal reasons and increase the chances of visa approval. With concern to the time required to process your application, spousal sponsorship applications are processed in an average time of 12 months by CIC.With reference to CAIPS notes, you can order CAIPS notes with the help of Caips File - Check your Canada immigration status by CAIPS note, an online portal where a team of experts solve your Canada spouse visa refusal problem by ordering CAIPS notes on your behalf, interpreting them for you and giving clients re-commendation for their re-application.
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